Beastie Burgers

Use your mouse to cook the burgers to meet the Beasties demands.
Use the spatula to flip the burger when it tells you and don't let your baps burn!
If anything goes wrong with an order throw it on the floor and your dog will help with the cleaning up.
The beans and chilli are already cooked and ready to go, just remember to use the ladle to scoop them up!

TOP TIP: Set each burner on the grill to different temperatures so that you can have rare and well done burgers cooking at the same time!

Good Luck!

Take on the role of Raoul, a dog boy trying to make his way through the prestigious locations of Monsterville to become the best burger chef the town has ever seen!

Ever since Raoul was a pup, he loved cooking and he would spend hours making hamburgers with his Grandma in her kitchen. Being very poor, Raoul often needed to be creative with his ingredient choices but he always made the tastiest burgers. When he was old enough, he tried for a job at the best burger restaurant in town, but unfortunately they wouldn’t even let him through the door.

When his Grandma is killed in a terrible accident, she leaves all her under-worldly possessions to Raoul so that he can follow his dream of becoming Monsterville’s greatest burger chef. Raoul buys a burger van and sets up in business to prove to the underworld he can make it on his own.

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