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Published on March 7, 2012 in Games, News. 2 Comments

Summoning games to life in the lab is hungry work which is why we devoted our energy into Unclean Canteen, a new game hosted on something called ‘Facebook‘ (I think it’s based on a movie). As the overworked apprentice to East Pavlovia’s former star chef Boris Stroganov, it’s up to you to stop his restaurant from becoming a three-course disaster.

Through a series of gross and engrossing mini-games, Boris challenges you to whack rats, make suspect sausages and prevent maggot-infested foods reaching the customers. Our plan is to keep updating and adding new content to Unclean Canteen, offering up new grimy gameplay at every opportunity.

And here’s where you come in:¬†If you’ve got a fun idea for a mini-game that you want to see brought to life at Boris’ dodgy diner then we want to hear it! You get to choose what your next duty is – how many jobs let you do that!

So have a play of our existing duties to get the gist and then leave a note below or on Unclean Canteen’s Facebook page¬†briefly describing your idea. The simpler the better!

(And please remember, while we do love a bit of dirtiness, this is still a family establishment ;))

2 Responses to Unclean Canteen: Create Your Own Kitchen Duty!

  1. Simon says:

    What about finding and removing all of the finger nails and hairs in a sandwich? They can blend in with other things and are randomly placed. Click to remove.

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