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Published on June 18, 2012 in Games, Reviews. 0 Comments

Like henchmen and reality TV contestants (like those on ‘Come Hench With Me‘), it’s easy to see some web games as a bit disposable simply because there are so many different flavours to choose to from. My lab full of re-arranged body parts should prove I’m a fan of variety, but as my pet leeches tell me, it’s always nice when you find something you can latch on to.

Which brings us to ‘Pursuit of Hat‘.

My therapist tells me my addiction to this game since last year is due to my unresolved issues of being abandoned by a hat when I was just a tiny spawn. But I think it’s something more. (Plus, while they told me it was just a strong breeze that separated us, years later found my hat’s journal, outlining its intended exodus).

The cartoon innocence of the game’s sunny art style belies the somewhat sinister action of chewing your own limbs off to reach or launch and puzzle your way across levels in pursuit of…well, do I really have to explain what you’re in pursuit of?

As you’d imagine, I’ve seen plenty of mouthless characters in my time (whether naturally occurring or just merely stitched shut) but there’s something benevolent and almost sage-like in this creature’s design that intrigues me – turning all the hat-chasing into some kind of Zen activity. After all, It’s important to have something to silence the screams.

So please do divulge your own current web favourites. What has recently caught your web-wandering eye? With its slick animation, mellow music and that lovely sound effect when your head comes off for you to roll around, my whole lab finds Pursuit of Hat adorable but with that abstract edge which, to us, makes this particular pursuit far from trivial. Dismemberment has never been so much fun!

Published on February 20, 2009 in Games, Reviews. 1 Comment

In my book, a good flash game is one that I play more than once. If after I’ve finished playing around with it and then later that day I start thinking, “Oooh, I want to start playing that game again”, then it’s a winner. If I happen to find myself playing this game for a good hour or two each time, then it’s a very good game.

The Space Game” from The Casual Collective is such a game. I’ve nearly worked my way through the main missions, and as I write this I’m thinking that I’ll have another go for 30 mins or so. It’s Friday after all!

The game is descibed as “a single player strategy game that features 18 missions and modes of play. You build structures to create and store energy, you mine asteroids for their minerals, and use both to expand and defend your operation, all while under attack”.

It actually reminds me of Homeworld a bit, which I used to play for hours on the PC when I was at university. I guess you could argue that it’s actually a bit like Desktop Tower Defence, but in Space and with some mining. What would be great is if it had an attacking element to it or even better, multi-player!

I must confess I had been a bit envious of The Casual Collective, thinking that perhaps they’d been a bit too lucky with their success with Desktop Tower Defence, and especially as it allowed them to pursue Flash game development full time. With the release of this game however, I think they are proving their worth as game developers and judging by the game ratings they are getting on sites like Kongregate, I am not the only one. Hats off to you David & Paul.

Overall I’d rate this game as 4.5/5 robots and 3/5 lizards.

Play “The Space Game” here.

Published on January 7, 2009 in Games, Reviews. 0 Comments

A nice flash game that caught my attention recently was The Codex of Alchemical Engineering by Zachtronics Industries.
The basic aim of the game it to move around elements using programmable arms in order to make new elements. I nearly gave up on it initially as the instructions weren’t immediately clear to me, but once I’d got the hang of it I really enjoyed it. The author describes it as a game for engineers, and as a programmer myself, I really enjoyed building my little contraptions to acheive the level goals. I would rate this game 4/5 robots and 1/5 lizards.