in production

Project: Caveman

The theory goes, that our evolutionary experimentation will be released for iOS in early 2012.

Project: Treasure

Our third experimentation is an as yet unannounced title. Production is currently on hold until further notice.

about us

who are we?

We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams...
Six carefully selected scientists and artists, experts in their respective fields, headed by the mysterious Dr. Tiberius Syntax.
Respected by some yet feared by many, Robot/Lizard allows us to break from convention, shed our ‘human’ skin and reveal our true form.

Robot / Lizard Productions

Electric Works
3 Concourse Way
Sheffield, s1 2bj
twitter: @Robot_Lizard

what we do

Experimentations and misadventures make our lives interesting. We aim to bring joy and horror in equal measure to the masses utilising the miracles of modern interactive technology.
Crafted deep within our subterranean laboratories and fermented until ready, a Robot/Lizard experience should be interesting / amusing / challenging / disgusting / beautiful / all of these things. Pour yourself a drink, scrub yourself down and get comfortable.
We’re just getting warmed up.